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Visual Proof of Healing with the Mind

How fast can the mind really affect the body and its ability to heal?

What if I told you that we can affect it almost instantly when we address key factors in the subconscious mind?

Previously I thought it took a long time to heal with the mind. I thought I had to visualize over and over and then wait for my body to start healing itself; that I needed to relax, release my stress, and convince myself I was already healed. I was told those methods were “supposed to work.” So, I tried them for several hours per day for many years, while stuck in bed. I had been in an accident, became disabled, was in an extreme amount of pain, and could not find anything that would help within conventional or natural medicine.

I tried any alternative I could find, but nothing worked. I spent my days visualizing, listening to healing music and mind-programming CDs, smiled more to try to create endorphins, tried positive affirmations. Yet, nothing really worked. Prior to my injury I did network engineering/operations; my job was to troubleshoot, and I was good at it. When something was wrong, I understood how to look for the root cause. Therefore, I began to conduct my own research to deepen my understanding of the mind/body connection.

What I found was absolutely incredible.

I began to develop additional parts of my mind in a whole new way that provided the additional insight I needed to take the process to the next level. What I found was that when I addressed the key factors in the mind, everything changed.

Moreover, that is what I do today. I show people how to get results fast using only the power of their minds. I also show them how this information not only changes their health, but it also changes their lives.

For some, the results may seem unbelievable or impossible, which I understand because there was a time when I did not believe it was possible.
That is why I like to demonstrate these techniques for people so they can actually experience it for themselves.

When I am speaking to audiences, I ask for a volunteer and coach the person to use their own mind to relieve their chronic pain within minutes. In these live talks or teleseminars, everyone can witness the actual process and the volunteer gets to experience the pain releasing from their body.
Since this is a video recorded talk, I found the best way to demonstrate the results was to use medical thermography to show actual visual changes as evidence of the effectiveness of this process.

These same processes have been used for a variety of different ailments; however, I typically like to use pain because people can experience results as they are happening. Therefore, the audience can actively experience the results.

In this talk I reveal:

  • How to produce rapid and sustainable results in a never before seen way using only the mind.
  • The Key factors in the mind that need to be addressed to provide these rapid results.
  • Thermal medical scans have been taken of before and after images to visually show the changes that take place. Along with an explanation of the process I used.
  • I also discuss the process of using Quantum Entanglement to understand the patterns of the body.

Brandy Gillmore, HHP

Brandy Gillmore is a holistic heath practitioner and international speaker. She is best known for her breakthrough discoveries in healing with the mind. Her techniques enable people to experience noticeable physical results within minutes using only the power of their minds.

Over the past four years, Brandy has lectured worldwide, sharing these tools and techniques. She has spoken at workshops, international teleconferences, retreats, and conferences, to a variety of audiences, including medical doctors, corporations, and non-profit organizations. She has been featured as a guest speaker on lectures given by other experts in this field including Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Whole Health Medicine Institute, which Rankin provides training for medical doctors on mind/body medicine.

Brandy’s cutting-edge discoveries started years ago with a desire to restore her health after a traumatic injury left her physically disabled. With more than a decade of research into healing, she was able to develop her own mind to expand its capabilities to use Quantum Entanglement as a process for greater insight. This provided her a unique, in-depth understanding of the mind and its effect on the body. By using her methods, “The Gillmore Freedom Method” and “The 3 Keys to the Subconscious Mind,” Brandy regularly demonstrates the healing power of the mind in front of live audiences. She is in the process of finishing her Ph.D. at Quantum University and is working on a book scheduled for release in 2016.

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