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Photobiomodulation: The Role of Light in Preventing and Potentially Halting Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Lew Lim, PhD, ND, DNM, MBA

Dr. Lew Lim, is the inventor behind Vielight devices that have been at the cutting edge of home-use low level light therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation (PBM), owned by thousands of people around the world. He owns key issued and pending patents related to PBM. He has a PhD in Natural Medicine from Quantum University. He studied engineering at University of California at Berkeley, neuroscience at Duke University, and MBA at Sheffield University. He is also a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a chartered accountant. He is also a key opinion leader on the applications of PBM.

Dr. Lim has developed ways to conveniently support the body’s natural ability to self-heal through the application of PBM techniques, translated into affordable and easy-to-use devices.

Today, his research focuses more into investigating new ways to improve the quality of life through cognitive and consciousness enhancement through non-invasive brain modulation. His recent investigations into treating Alzheimer’s disease revealed promising data and he is sponsoring new pivotal clinical trials to prove his hypothesis. He is also building up data to allow his technology to more effectively treat a variety of neurological diseases as well as innovative ways to enhance mental performance.

Vielight intranasal and transcranial photobiomodulation (PBM) devices.

The products have been designed to deliver red and near infrared light to the body and the brain safely and effectively. The aim is to activate mitochondrial activity to lead to cellular repair and recovery. When directed to the neurons of the brain, it may lead to cognitive recovery and enhanced functioning.

The 633 Red (visible red intranasal-only) helps to modulate the body’s systems that include the immune system, circulatory system, respiratory system and endocrine system.

The 810 Infrared (near infrared intranasal-only) targets the brain more directly and have been found to improve general mental health.

The Neuro Alpha (intranasal plus transcranial) delivers near infrared pulsing at 10 Hz for general brain healing.

The Neuro Gamma (intranasal plus transcranial) delivers near infrared pulsing at 40 Hz aiming to activate microglia activity to clear protein deposits associated with neurodegenerative diseases. It also enhances awareness and high level cognitive processing.

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