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What is Neuro-Modulation?

Micro current is what your brain and your heart use to communicate with their network of approximately 50 trillion cells.  In the Quantum world, we view the body as a community of cells organized by what Bruce Lipton calls a government, or more specifically, your brain.

The brain’s main communication center passes through the Peripheral Nervous System, which is your body’s electrical wiring. The PNS includes the Central Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System or ANS.

Researchers have for decades been electrically stimulating the brain, the spinal cord, and peripheral nerves to alleviate ailments such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, pain, and paralysis. The technique can work as well or better than drugs, leading some to dub the field “electroceuticals.”

In clinical studies, certain microcurrent devices have been shown to reduce seizures and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and help people regain bladder control and muscle mobility.

Most tools on the market are surprisingly simplistic. In most systems, a pulse generator blindly sends electrical impulses along a lead to electrodes that are placed on a nerve. With enough intensity, the stimulation causes neurons to fire. Those induced impulses, called action potentials, are just like the ones produced naturally by the body. The signals travel along neural networks in different temporal patterns, communicating with the body and influencing chemical and biological processes.

The problem with most electrical devices is that they shoot electrical impulses broadly at nerves in patterns that don’t begin to mimic the body’s natural code. It’s miraculous that the body responds at all to these crude signal patterns. And often the devices activate entire nerves, rather a subset of particular fiber groups, wasting battery power and creating side effects (see TENS devices).

Avazzia manufactures FDA-cleared microcurrent Bio Electro-Stimulation Technology (BEST) devices which feature non-invasive neuromodulation. This system is based on easily understood concepts: neuro means nerve and modulation means varying the property of a wave or signal. Thus, put together it means changing the signals of nerves.

The human body has three systems for functioning: chemical (changing food into energy, for instance), mechanical (bones and muscles) and electrical (the heart beat is but one example – which is why pacemakers are electrical devices).

Avazzia’s BEST devices, all engineered and manufactured in Dallas, TX, use proprietary software and microchips in their neuro-modulation applications. This non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive technology is designed to stimulate the body’s natural resources for pain relief. Avazzia BEST electrical signals are different than other TENS signals because:

  • They are short duration pulses of high voltage amplitude and very low duty cycle.
  • The average currents are in the microcurrent range.
  • These are damped biphasic, sinusoidal waveforms.
  • The process is further enhanced by signals that change and adapt as the electrical properties of the tissue being treated change (Reaction readings).

BEST™ devices stimulate the nervous system and, thereby, the neuro-endocrine system through direct touch to the skin. The BEST™ device electrodes (onboard or through accessories) can detect (via Reaction readings) impedance on the skin by “sticking” (dramatic increase in friction) to acupuncture or electron deficient sump points when gliding the instrument over the skin.

These “sticky” areas may be injured or diseased tissue or may be associated with an organ or corresponding body system. By placing the BEST™ electrodes at a correct spot for treatment, equilibrium between tissues and organs is restored, and the redox (reduction-oxidation) potential of the body is recharged.

Published medical research has identified the electrical signal characteristics that impact “C” fibers, resulting in the stimulation of nitric oxide, hormones, endorphins and neuropeptides. Other publications indicate the signal characteristics and treatment locations that balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

By choosing Pacific Health Options, you can rest assured that you will be able to get the most out of your device, and live the best life that you can lead.

Dr. John Hache has spent more than 30 years in Clinical practice punctuated by frequent appearances on local television and radio as well as local newspaper and peer magazine articles.  In a recent series of webinars with the famous Professor Keith Scott-Mumby, he was referred to as the world’s leading expert in micro-current technology applications. He is presently the President and founder of 5-Element Therapeutics Inc. and co-founder of Pacific Health Options Inc. that he manages with his business partner and spouse, Dr. Lorraine Vanbergen-Hache. As Master Trainer with the Academy of Applied Electrophysiology and co-founder of Pacific Health Options, John continues with advanced training, on-line videos, and webinars in his chosen field of micro current.

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