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Unified Field Theory and Human Biology

Nassim Haramein discusses some of the most exciting new physics emerging in the world today. He redefines the relationship between the observer and scientific experiments, clarifies the scale of the smallest units in the information field of the universe, and explains why there is an extremely low probability that life is based on random functions. Grounded in scientific experiments and rigorous mathematics, his theory has far-reaching implications for unifying the fields of biology and physics and explaining the role of consciousness in these sciences in a new way. This is very relevant to practitioners working with the subtle energy of the body.

Nassim points out how a lot of what we do in subtle energy work is explained by the recently accepted theory that there is a field all around us that our body is interacting with at all times – a field of energy that connects everything, surrounds everything, and that you can affect – the same field that ancient civilizations described as chi or prana. We can readily envision how his research can be applied to the inner exploration of the human mind, to the practice of the healing arts, and to the creation of future technologies that will restore balance by tapping into the infinite resources of subtle energy.

Nassim Haramein was born in Geneva, Switzerland and while still a child was already discovering the universal dynamics of matter and energy, which led him on a journey toward pioneering a new approach to quantum gravity and continual developments in unified field theory. Nassim grew up in Eastern Canada with an innate reverence for the design of nature and a determination to discover the basic building-blocks of creation.

He dedicated most of his time to his independent investigation into physics, geometry, chemistry, biology, consciousness, archeology, and various world religions which, combined with his keen observation of the behavior of nature, led him to a specific geometric pattern which is at the core of his approach and new perspective in unified field theory.

Nassim has been delivering lectures and seminars on unification theory for over 20 years worldwide. In 2003 he founded The Resonance Project Foundation and as its Director of Research leads teams of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists to explore the frontier of unification principles and their implications.

His lifelong vision of applied unified physics is to create positive change in the world. Currently Nassim is focused on his most recent developments in quantum gravity and their applications to technology, new energy research, applied resonance, life sciences, permaculture, and consciousness studies.

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