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Pacific Essences logoPacific Essences® are vibrational remedies from the plant, sea, and mineral kingdoms. They are subtle energy imprints of their source which can impact on the human energy system in a life supporting way. They can have an effect on all aspects of being – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. They promote harmony and balance.

An essence is, by definition and by its very nature, the intrinsic value of something , it’s ‘being’ness,’ the way in which it is recognized as individual and unique in all the universe. Another way to name this is ‘vibration’. All physical matter has a vibration as well as its gross physical structure and appearance. The human organism will manifest a different vibration in stress than in a state of relaxation.

The benefits of using essences are mental, emotional, and spiritual as well as physical. Dr. Edward Bach, a British homeopath and physician, was the person who first introduced flower remedies into Western medicine. He discovered that the mental and emotional patterns which accompanied a physical dis-ease were important indicators of the underlying cause of the physical problem and that by addressing these with flower essences he could effect a cure. He came to believe that crystallized thought and emotional patterns were the primary phase of all other manifestations of dis-ease.

An essence is energetic imprint of the life force of a particular plant, sea creature or gem or mineral. The carrier substance is water, the universal solvent, with a proportionate amount of brandy which acts as a preservative.
Essences are powerful tools in the field of complementary medicine. They can be used by laypeople and health practitioners alike to promote healing of the whole person.

Pacific Essences bannerBased on actual case studies from my own clinical practice and case studies from around the world, I will demonstrate the healing potentials of these 24 sea essences. It has been a magical journey of inspiration followed by collecting ‘overwhelming anecdotal evidence’ to support the impact of these vibrations from ocean plants and sea creatures.

From that first nano-second in 1985, when two human minds were joined with the same thought to make a Sand Dollar into an essence for a friend, we paid attention to subtle information and data.

Dramatic support from “the Field” came when the first 12 essences we researched had one essence for each of the 12 meridians of TCM. Research was done not only from personal reports but by using Kinesiology where we could show repeatedly that the muscle connected to a specific meridian ‘locked’ when the resonant sea essence was introduced into the physical circuit. These findings were further corroborated by testing all the sea essences with a VEGA electroacupuncture measuring device.

Even as the first 12 sea essences were released, we continued research on other possible sea essences. I wondered if we could make a Sea Horse essence that could duplicate its use in TCM herbal medicine. And what about Coral, whose ‘signature’ actually looks like a human brain??? We began travelling to Hawaii to hang out with the large mammals, and Michael made the first Sea Horse essence while mastering Pranic Healing in the Philippines.

The second 12 sea essences offers a range of frequencies which complement and go beyond the first ones. We began working with more sea creatures, large mammals like dolphin, whale, and sea turtle. Connecting with these amazing beings in their natural habitat and getting close enough to them to make an essence was truly a blessed experience. As we began to research the potential of each of these essences, it became clear that many of them offered humans the ability to refine their nervous and electrical systems to expand into new dimensions of being. When we work with Diatoms to repattern cellular memory, or Sea Horse to fortify the life force within and to nourish the central nervous system, we begin to realize what a generous gift these sea essences are and how grateful we are to have been willing to take this leap of faith into a new realm of vibrational medicine.

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