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Vibrational Music and Sound Medicine

The various modalities of Vibrational Music and Sound Medicine are all based on Quantum physics and are a new, creative, and innovative method of healing that can be used in hospitals, schools, spas, private clinics, and for personal use. Vibrational Music and Sound Medicine not only puts the human body in a relaxed mode for healing, but it also reduces inflammation, reduces or alleviates pain, activates blood circulation, oxygenates all tissues of body, releases muscle tension, removes blocking nodes or blocking energy, induces a meditative state of mind, brings natural balance, and brings harmony between the organs, the body, and subtle energy. It also brings conscious moments and therefore brings clarity to any existing confusion, and more. Vibrational Music and Sound Medicine is a unique and powerful experience that can be effective in a very short time frame. NAMASTE

Dr. Christiane P. Séguin, PhD

Dr. Christiane P. Séguin was born and raised in a small town in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada. She graduated as a Nurse’s Aid in 1983 and worked for five years in a Psychiatric Nursing Home. Always fascinated by human behavior, Christiane went back to school in 1991 and graduated as an honor student in the Behavioural Science Technician Program. With this new knowledge, she worked one-to-one for 12 years with trouble kids assigned to special education classes and then decided to become a teacher, obtaining a Specialization in Special Needs Education. Intrigued with her discovery of the impact of sound when using vibrational instruments with children diagnosed with autism and knowing that vibrations can be used for teaching, she decided to take harp lessons, which eventually led her a diploma from the Acusound International School of Holistic Therapies in Sound Therapy. Christiane then decided to open her own Clinic called Vibra Sound Healing in Ontario, Canada. Quantum University was the ultimate learning experience that led her to create her Vibrational Music & Sound Medicine programs based on quantum physics, which are now sold throughout the world. Christiane also speaks at conferences and workshops on the impact and experience of Music and Sound Medicine, guiding people toward finding how they can help others using their own creative frequencies. NAMASTE

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