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Unity Field Healing: Exploring Quantum Healing via Consciousness & DNA

We are at an unprecedented time in human history. We are crossing a cosmic bridge, one that will guide us into a whole new way of understanding ourselves as conscious human beings. We are beginning to see ourselves as responsible, co-creative, empowered spiritual beings – beings who manifest through the world of form and energy. We are already connecting the dots between quantum reality and spiritual reality. And, we realize that we immersed in and part of a vast field of quantum energy, led by consciousness to our spiritual nature and our awakening potential.

In this journey of awakening, we are re-learning old and developing new ways of healing through energy and consciousness. Yet, on a more human scale, we know –primarily through scientific discovery – that so much of our health is intimately linked to our DNA. Interesting it is, that recent work in the field of epigenetics has demonstrated clearly that environmental, psychological and consciousness factors greatly affect human genetic expression and wellbeing. Have you ever wondered how your DNA is connected to your “energy’, or your “energetic potential to heal”, or even your “soul”?

One important element of this new paradigm is defined by our to grasp that DNA is a “Quantum Molecule”. This has many implications, but in short we can appreciate that enhancing the “vibrational quality” and coherence of our DNA, and enhancing our “spiritual wiring” – are not only possible – they are important. This understanding can truly be used to catalyze healing and stimulate our spiritual development in profound ways. If you are open to his concept, you will encounter a new and very different framework of energetic healing! So I ask you, “Are YOU ready?”

People often ask, “As a physician, how did you develop an interest in this type of healing?” It all began quite unexpectedly years ago when as a young doctor, I experienced a spontaneous energetic or “kundalini” awakening. This process immersed me directly into an experience of the reality of “energy” and stirred my awareness of our ability to heal through energy and consciousness transformation. Details of this journey are outlined in my recent book – The Missing Pill: The Rise of Energy Medicine and Conscious Bio-Spiritual Transformation. This led me ultimately on an adventure to better understand both our human and spiritual nature – and our power to heal. It also became a Healer, as my life and consciousness were forever transformed.

Many years later, I was gifted with a series of meditative visions, that helped me better understand in an elementary way, the quantum nature of human DNA. This came with a gift now referred to as the UFH template and a revelation how I could learn to work with sessions to share this experience with those who are ready. This catalyzed the development of a new healing modality –Unity Field Healing – now available to share and help others access healing through their quantum DNA field.

Be sure to tune in to an inspiring and adventurous presentation. Get ready to learn about your quantum DNA and your ability to transform though your quantum DNA field. Discover Unity Field Healing and why it is becoming such an exciting tool of support in human healing by those who have already experienced it for themselves. Awaken to your own spiritual nature and catalyze your own spiritual power to heal!

Dr. John G Ryan, BSc, MD

Dr. John Ryan is an Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Ottawa in Canada and long-time student and practitioner of Energy & Consciousness based Medicine. He is the author of a recent book entitled The Missing Pill: The Rise of Energy Healing and Conscious BioSpiritual Transformation … with an introduction to Unity Field Healing. This book, described by readers as “Simply the one book on Energy Healing you just must read!” is a holistic primer designed to bring to the reader not only a panoramic understanding of this awakening power, but also a practical and personal integration of this new human potential. The Missing Pill has received wide international acclaim.

In recent years, Dr. Ryan’s work has led him to the mystical threshold of the quantum basis of DNA and its integral connection to the human spirit. His passion is to apply the potential of this awakening knowledge to support the human healing, summated in his role as founder of Unity Field Healing (UFH). UFH is a new “quantum” healing process based on conscious activation of the DNA quantum field to support healing and personal evolution. An understandably esoteric concept, he loves to bring this esoteric information down to earth so anyone and everyone can access and benefit from the knowledge and experience available in this awakening time. When not engaged in work or writing, he loves nature, traveling, spending time with his partner, family, and friends – and, yes, adoring his Great Dane Mia

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