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Spiritual Healing: Why It Is Important… Why It Is Difficult

I have seen many trainings on Spiritual Healing, on healing at the Vital and Mental level, but not one that integrates all of these with the physical.

Some trainings talk about using biofeedback programs that operate at the physical, vital, and mental levels and then state that for many chronic illnesses, healing may need to occur at the spiritual level, with only vague notions of how to do so in a clinical setting. Other trainings, usually not in a one-on-one clinical setting, focus on the spiritual level without incorporating the lower levels.

My experience suggests that blockages at the lower levels may make spiritual healing difficult and that systematically removing these blockages will support the change at the spiritual level necessary for full healing. These blockages can include autonomic reversal, energetic reversal, peeling the layers of the onion (the curtains that must be lifted for healing to occur), reconnecting the communications between systems of the body that are disrupted by trauma, pathogens, or any imbalance in the different bodies, and lack of full commitment from the client or adequate knowledge of how to make the quantum leap necessary for the spiritual healing.

The session will also suggest that no one healing system is maximally effective at all levels (physical, vital, mental, supra-mental, and spiritual) and that combining different modalities may increase the practitioner’s effectiveness. It is one of the unique attributes of the Quantum University that it includes so many different approaches and modalities for healing along with an intellectual framework for combining them. This session will attempt to move beyond theory to clinical application of these ideas.

Dr. David H. Kirkpatrick, PhD, MATP, LlB, JD

David Kirkpatrick is a Board-certified Quantum Naturopath Coach who started his exploration of alternative healing when he and his wife were diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2004. This led to his training in Quantum Biofeedback, BioSpirituality, Matrix Re-imprinting, Spiritual Direction, Quantum Techniques, Functional Nutrition, and many other healing techniques. Today he and his wife Pamela are symptom-free and enjoy good health.

Dr. Kirkpatrick, a Harvard-trained lawyer, has a doctorate in Alternative Medicine and a PhD in Natural Medicine. He is trained or certified in numerous other healing modalities and meditation practices but believes that a return to full health is often less dependent on his training and experience than on the active participation of the client. It is his belief that the body can heal itself if all barriers to its healing potential are removed. He is most excited about empowering clients to take responsibility for their health through lifestyle change and deeper self-knowledge and personal awareness.

In addition to working with individual clients, Dr. Kirkpatrick offers an 8-week training in Skills for Health and Longevity designed to give individuals greater skills in working with a practitioner and in healing themselves.

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