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Removing Root Causes of Illnesses Energetically

In my opinion, Energy Healing is the missing piece in the puzzle of Integrative Health.

In my 23 years of experience working at an integrative cancer clinic, I observed almost all patients had a deep emotional trauma that eventually led to cancer. For example, most women with breast cancer experienced very bad romantic breakups, toxic relationships, and/or divorces.

Men with prostate cancer had deep conflicts between their beliefs and actions, which created powerful energy blockages. When those energy blockages were removed from their lives, beliefs or actions, the men began to heal.

Energy Healing is easy to learn and eventually we could have an energy healing in each home or family group.

People are very aware of their energetic nature. We all understand easily how the energy of our emotions and feelings affect our health. Proof of that is the amount of professionals leaving corporate jobs or careers to become energy healers or to practice a form of healing arts.

Concepts like cooperation, understanding, unconditional love and compassion are understood and practiced openly, leading to physical, mental and emotional healing.

Children are born with incredible intuitive abilities and need guidance to further develop those skills so that they can use them for world peace and healing.

Energy healing can be easily incorporated in schools for those intuitive young people who feel the call to investigate spiritual/energetic subjects.  Children learn and are able to practice energy healing very easily. They can use those skills for all aspects in their lives; energy healing will keep them excited and entertained when enduring boring school classes and out of trouble, too!

Let’s expand our awareness of our energetic nature, this message of love, understanding and cooperation to our schools, using the power of the Internet to educate our children and ourselves!

Carlos Caridad

A scientist by nature with a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering and Science, I have always been fascinated with applied technology and wellness.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I began the practice of yoga and meditation at a young age. Later I explored natural healing, wellness, and self-healing. After studying Energy Healing, I became certified as a Quick Pulse practitioner using energy clearing techniques and a Reiki Master a few years later.

My first website was created in 1999 to develop a video marketing platform for an integrative cancer clinic. This success led me to create my own on-line marketing and wellness ventures.

An experience working with a homeopathic doctor from India in conjunction with an energy healer from the USA to successfully cure my three-year-old son was life-changing. He suffered from “nephrotic syndrome,” and the energy work and natural healing completely reversed his condition.

My passion and expertise today is directed toward teaching Energy Healing and helping others to reach their maximum potential. I have a particular interest in helping children, as children have incredible intuitive abilities and are able to practice Energy Healing very easily.

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