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Physicist Panel – World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2014

The World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2014 hosted a team of world-renowned speakers, and our Physicist Panel included many luminaries in the field of Quantum Physics and Consciousness. We were fortunate to again feature Dr. Amit Goswami, who has long been a guiding light at Quantum University. Dr. Goswami explained the theoretical foundation for understanding how Quantum Creativity applies to spontaneous healing.

He was joined by two other brilliant physicists. Dr. Yury Kronn, world-renowned research scientist, inventor, and theoretician, who explained how subtle energy is the foundation of vibrational medicine. And Hawaii’s own visionary and pioneer of the unification theory, Nassim Haramein, discussed the unified physics of mind-consciousness.

The panel also included Dr. Paul Drouin who has tirelessly championed the importance of understanding consciousness and healing through quantum physics. Panel members were each asked were to comment on the emptiness and connectedness of Universe. Hosted by Alexi Drouin.

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