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Healing by Human Design: Discover Your Unique Energy Blueprint for Health and Happiness

The Healing by Human Design System gives us a blueprint (chart) that shows the relationship between our physical body and our unique energetic configuration. This chart shows us how we are each uniquely and naturally designed to experience vitality and health.

But, sometimes something goes wrong. Injury, bacterial and viral assaults, immune system dysfunction and more creates a response in the body that manifests as illness and physical pain.

Only addressing the symptoms of illness or injury can cause us to miss the bigger purpose and true source of pain and can ultimately create cycles of pain that repeat over and over.

Human Design shows us that we each have our own unique blueprint for health and wellness. Anytime we are untrue to ourselves, hide who we really are, compromise our desires and give up what is most natural for us in order to try to be successful in the one-size-fits-all way that we’ve been taught we run the risk of becoming vulnerable to pain and disease.

Genetics, family history, our own belief systems, life experiences and other people’s energies also can cause us to “forget” our natural blueprint for health and wellness.

It takes a LOT of energy to maintain an identity that isn’t true to who you are. Every time you say “yes” to something you really want to say “no” to, try to be something or someone you’re not, make a choice that feels “wrong”, give up a dream or a desire, nurture someone else at cost to yourself and choose circumstances that actually take you away from your joy and your unique blueprint for health and happiness, you use an enormous amount of energy.

When you use your vital life force energy to maintain a facade and inauthentic choices, you eventually burn out. (And sabotage everything in your life, including your health…)

The greater the disconnect from your Human Design energy blueprint, the greater the pain in your life. Your pain is telling you that you’re “off-course” and helping you realize that you need some serious “course-correction”.

During this presentation, you will discover a systematic approach to understanding your unique energy blueprint and the energetic forces that have influenced your life choices and so you can

Karen Curry Parker

Karen Curry Parker is an international speaker and #1 bestselling author of Understanding Human Design the New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are. Karen heads her own personal development firm where she uses Human Design as the foundation for discovering a person’s unique gifts and best strategies to help them create the healthiest, wealthiest and most fulfilling life. Karen says Human Design is the operating manual for our lives. She has personally trained thousands of people to use Human Design helping them identify, resolve, and overcome habits and conditioning keeping them stuck.

Using her experience as a nurse, energy healer, and high-performance life coach, Karen develops programs focused on business, abundance, and relationships, taking this system deeper and more specific to areas of life needing focused attention. Karen launched her most recent program: Healing by Human DesignTM to help people get to the heart of their pain: physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. It helps you understand you don’t have to suffer anymore.

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