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Balancing Chakra Yoga Practice

Chakras are directly translated as wheels of energy located within the body. In Indian Yoga Philosophy, each chakra is connected to our physical, emotional, and spiritual functioning.

Throughout our life, we may have developed holding patterns, blocks, and/or excesses in one or many of our chakras. These somatic centers sometimes have either too much power or too little.

In this hour-long talk, Estelle introduces the use of yoga, pranayama (breathing), mudras (hand variations), chants, and sacred symbols (visualization) to unlock, strengthen, and balance the energy of each chakra.

This class is a gateway into greater awareness of the mind-body connection and a deeper understanding of the life-changing permanent effect of yoga

Estelle Thomson

Estelle’s two passions are ART and YOGA. He educational pursuits include a Collegiate Diploma in Professional Theatre (Acting), a Bachelors in Psychology, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology.

Estelle was born and raised in a French-speaking rural region of Québec. At the age of three years old, she committed to figure skating and dance. Dance and the art of movements followed Estelle for decades after that. In 2002, after a few yoga classes, she was hooked and astonished by the positive changes in her body and attitude on life. In 2005, Estelle took her first Teacher’s Training in California. When she moved to Halifax, she was directed to Moksha Yoga, and it was love at first sight. In 2010, she completed the Moksha Teacher’s Training in Toronto. Since then, she has taken Pre-Natal Teacher Training, Moksha Flow Teacher Training, and has attended countless other workshops and Wanderlust Festivals.

As for painting, Estelle’s first attempt at acrylics was at 13 years old, and art continued to be a hobby through her teenage years and twenties. She has gained much respect and passion for this medium. While Estelle is self-taught, she is careful to approach the brushes from a brave and intuitive place. Her art studio is nested in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, a beautiful and close-knit community located on the Eastern Shore of Canada. Her art is inspired by yoga, the earth, the ocean, and many abstract themes. Estelle has recently graduated from ‘Creatively Fit’ Coaching Program. She also teaches art to kids and adults alike, along with helping anyone become more creative.

Estelle has always had a deep interest in physical and mental health and believes that yoga is for everyone and accessible to all. Yoga has been a fifteen-year passion. In 2014, she won The Coast Readers Choice Award for top yoga instructor in Halifax, where she teaches Vinyasa (Flow), Prenatal, and Mom and Baby Yoga. Estelle believes that through the practice of mindful breath, we find balance, we can dare to face our true self, and through this process, we change our life for the best.

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