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Dense-Array (128 channel) EEG for Interventional Neurofeedback

The Dense-Array Electroencephalograph (128 channels) is identifying subtle brain injury previously unknown.
This presentation will discuss the Dense-Array (128 channel) EEG and how it differs from conventional EEG, discuss electrocortical patterns in mild/moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (published research), and discuss unique findings in special populations of patients: specifically, discussion will include the similarities in the brain maps of Hawaiians who assert abduction by Space Aliens and insertion of transmitters (published research).  The discussion will include advanced 128 channel Neurofeedback (interventional EEG – IEEG).

Dr. Michael B. Russo, M.D.

Dr. Russo is a graduate of Princeton University, Chicago Medical School, and New York University. He also studied at the NIH, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London, UK, is a Fellow of the Am Acad Neurology, Am Coll of Physicians, Am Acad Sleep Med, and Aerospace Medical Assoc. He is founder of the Honolulu Neuroscience Clinic and Hawaii Pacific DEEG. He uses the most sophisticated EEG in Hawaii to identify subtle brain injuries previously unseen by conventional techniques. Dr. Russo is a Graduate student at Quantum University enrolled in the Natural Medicine / PhD program. He has over 100 publications in the fields of neurophysiology, sleep, and medical ethics. He retired after 34 years serving in the US Army and in 2012 opened a neurology/sleep disorders center in Hawaii to provide previously-unavailable advanced services to the people of Hawaii.

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