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Psy-Tek: The Mapping and Measuring of Subtle Energies and the Biofield

More and more people are turning toward unconventional explanations and treatments for their ailments, many of which cannot be helped or explained by allopathic medicine.

Psy-Tek offers unique opportunities to researchers, healthcare practitioners, and the general public to experience novel equipment that measures subtle energy and the biofield. We are one of the few facilities in the world offering these cutting-edge modalities. At Psy-Tek, we use a number of devices, including Gas Discharge Visualization, to assess the situation with a person’s biofield and with the flow of energy to and from their organs and meridian system. We can see from the GDV if energy treatment or acupuncture could help rebalance the energy.

Medical Thermal Imaging is also called Thermography, and basically it’s the science of measuring and mapping thermal patterns inside the body as inflammation. Thermography is a non-invasive assessment of physiology and is great for people who are concerned with the radiation of standard medical tests. It’s also great for women who are pregnant, have implants, have fibrocystic breasts. It’s also useful for people who already have disease because it can be used to monitor treatments. Thermography can reveal a vast array of conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, shingles, lung health, rosacea, breast diseases, Reynauds, and can be used to check organ health.

And why is this? Because Thermography is looking for inflammation, and all diseases begin at an inflammatory level, at the cellular level, kicking off the inflammation and inflammatory response. We all know that the benefits of early detection and prevention outweigh the reactivity of our current allopathic model of care.

Psy-Tek is focused on research, recognition, and publications for new ideas, especially if they are unconventional. Our technology provides quantifiable feedback to practitioners and researchers as to the impact of their work on their client’s health. This information can be used to chart a new treatment protocol and improve the efficacy of a product or device.

Dr. Gaétan Chevalier

Dr. Gaétan Chevalier has a PhD in Engineering Physics from the University of Montréal, Montréal, Québec, Canada. After working 4 years at UCLA as a spectroscopist (light frequencies analysis specialist) in the fields of fusion and plasma physics, he worked 10 years as professor, director of several departments, and Director of Research at the California Institute for Human Science (Encinitas, California) where his research topics were the Apparatus for Meridian Identification (AMI), biophotons and electrophysiology. He is currently visiting scientist at the Developmental and Cell Biology Department, University of California at Irvine and Director of Research at Psy-Tek Laboratories on the campus of the California Institute for Human Science. Dr. Chevalier has published more than 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals.


Jessica Luibrand

Jessica Luibrand attended Grand Valley State University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences while double minoring in Biology & Sociology. Jessica was introduced to natural medicine and energy healing after the allopathic model of care left her ill without any solution. Through this, she discovered natural healing and energy healing. Jess is the Chief Clinical Thermographer & Subtle Energy Researcher at Psy-Tek. Through her work as an energy healer, researcher, educator and thermographer Jessica has been able to combine her passions and truly help improve people’s lives, inside and out. Jessica is also studying at the CIHS for her Masters.

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