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Energy Medicine for the Future

Dr. Faith Nelson describes how energetic electrodermal devices, or quantum biofeedback, have become a key modality for validating what is out of balance. The practitioner can then go into those areas of the body, mind, or spirit that are out of balance and bring them back into balance with some hands-on integrative approaches. She demonstrates a portable auriculotherapy device that she uses to scan various points on the ear to find an area of unusually high frequencies, which she can then treat by sending in a stimulus to balance those energies.

Dr. Faith Nelson

Dr. Faith Nelson has been an R.N in the healthcare professions for 35 years, with an emphasis in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Nelson’s experience crosses all disciplines and areas of expertise in the alternative and allopathic healthcare fields. She has passionately pursued her interests in Integrative Medicine and acquired exceptional insight and aptitude for the expansive use of Integrative approaches and state of the art electro-medicine technologies. She has had a passion for demonstrating the multidisciplinary approaches, blended with the variety of approaches in assisting the Body/Mind to relax, de-stress, relieve pain and bringing a healthy balance back to the individual.

Dr. Nelson specializes in Biotherapeutics, Electro-medicine, and Aromatherapy. She is certified in the fields of Quantum Biofeedback, Auriculotherapy, Massage Therapy, Clinical Essential Oils, Reflexology/Acupressure and other Energy Medicine modalities.

Dr. Nelson’s has a PhD from Greenwich University in Integrative Medicine and a ThD in Spiritual Healing/Energy Medicine from HOLOS University, of which she is now on faculty. She lectures and consults Internationally in the field of Integrative Medicine and Holistic Living Principles with Natural methods. Currently, she is striving to create standards for health professionals in becoming Integrative Healthcare Specialists and also providing workshops for introductory classes in Aromatherapy and simple Acupressure and Self Help tools to use in the home.

Dr. Nelson has been on the faculty of Quantum University for the past 12 years and has been introducing Integrative webinars with the quantum biofeedback device. She has also produced several training videos for the navigation on this device and offers 1:1 tutoring and online courses for the Integrative Healthcare practitioner. She practices privately through Focus on Health and is also exploring avenues for introducing these Integrative approaches to Hospice for “End of Life” comfort measures and also for the veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

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