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Doctor Panel – World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2014

The World Congress of Quantum Medicine 2014 hosted a team of world-renowned speakers, and our Doctor Panel included many luminaries in the field of Mind-Body Medicine.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, physician and best-selling author of Mind over Medicine, talked about the power of the mind in true healing. Dr. Patrick K. Porter, award-winning author, entrepreneur and highly sought-after expert within the personal improvement industry, discussed how measuring the mind matters.

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Jeffrey Fannin have each made invaluable contributions to the curriculum of Quantum University by sharing their latest understandings of brain plasticity and neuroscience. This year, Dr. Dispenza gave an in-depth explanation of how to heal by thought alone. Dr. Fannin, in addition to offering his extraordinary brainmapping to Congress attendees, spoke about commanding the power of thought.

And Dr. Paul Drouin, of course, shared his special insights. This video is of the panel’s impromptu answers to a series of probing questions concerning the theme, Mind over Matter, beginning with the question, “What is the Mind, and why does it matter in medicine? Hosted by Alexi Drouin.

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