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Amplifying Your Energy Healing Gifts with Vibrational Physics

Even though energy healing is thousands of years old, in this modern day and age it is sometimes met with skepticism and incredulity. Others that have come before me have demonstrated the connection between spirituality and energy healing to the world of quantum physics, lending some legitimacy to what you intuit and observe with your sixth sense.

Lessons I learned from energy healing masters, beginning twenty years ago, included a quasi-directional energy channeling to an affected area, sometimes with intent and sometimes without.  The results were inconsistent, often less than desirable, and somewhat frustrating.

However, using these basics of energy healing combined with the principles of condensed matter physics, gathered from my 40 years experience in vibrational spectroscopy research, improved the healing results effectively.  So much so, these straightforward and simple protocols should be taught to all students of energy healing. From this emerging development, I created a series of protocols for scientific energy healing that has brought about medical miracles in hundreds of clients.

Thus, vibrational physics combined with the ancient healing arts yields a powerful and effective tool in our hands.  In this seminar, I demonstrate how the language of energy healing connects to vibrational physics.

Energy healing even sounds like vibrational physics; the term “raising our vibration” is repeated often.  The specific vibrational physical principles discussed in this seminar include the concepts of how matter and waves interact with one another and the determination of which vibrational frequencies are present based on certain properties in an ensemble of atoms or cells.  This, in turn, allows a determination of the total energy present in the ensemble by a statistical summing technique.   It is not necessary to understand all the minutia to apply the concepts, just doing so yielded excellent results for myself and my students.

Here, I explain in detail these enhancements to the healing protocols.   One example is using certain colors to filter out unwanted “light” based on its transmission spectrum.  This allows control of which wavelength may enter into an area, whether it be physical, such as a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes or a figurative energy barrier for the spirit.  This, in turn, creates protection against harmful vibrations to enhance a healing process.  Improved pain management and faster healing resulted.

Another successful example is to overlay a periodic function to the secretion of diurnal or monthly hormones by certain glands, such as the pineal gland.  Improved sleep patterns were observed and the need for sleep aids eliminated following the healing.

I follow the various protocols with several case studies that yielded exceptional and consistent results.

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, PhD

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the Scientific Healer and Founder of the Diamond Healing Method, a sophisticated healing technique that includes molecular and vibrational physics.

After completing an MS in Geochemistry at Caltech, Dr. Chopelas earned a PhD in Chemistry at UCLA. She then spent 38 years in geophysical research at prestigious institutions: Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, Germany; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of Washington; and UCLA, where she contributed chapters in numerous books and published articles. Some of these have since become the genesis for courses.

Twenty years ago, Anastasia became ill despite good health habits. Conventional medical care had no answers. Instead, she sought solutions using her well-honed research skills. She studied nutrition, homeopathy, energy healing modalities, including becoming a Reiki master. She then became her first successful client.  Understanding quantum mechanics helped Anastasia to see how healing energy permeates time, dimension, and space – her experience in vibrational physics helped create new effective protocols.

Anastasia has helped hundreds of people move out of dis-ease and into vibrant health; she played a role in over 250 medical miracles this last year. Her book, The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says, lays out the basics of her healing method.  She lives in SoCal healing and teaching people how to heal themselves in order to maintain and sustain health and vitality long term.

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