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Health Map: Why People Get Sick and How They Recover

The Health Map is best understood while looking at the actual Map, which has 4 main levels.

Level 1: Primary Causes, which include infections, toxicity, malabsorption, shallow breathing, protein deficiency, genetics, and the “stress factor.” To date 38 categories of Primary Causes have been described.  Level 2: How the Body Responds to Primary Causes. The body responds to all primary causes through inflammation, the stress response and mind-body adaptation. Level 3: Mechanisms: Secondary Causes.  A condition like leaky gut syndrome (LGS) is caused by levels 1 and 2 problems, but LGS then becomes its own Primary Cause. Level 4: Metabolic Chaos (disturbances of total body biochemistry, and bio-electrical Fields.  Biochemistry and bio-electrical fields are inextricably interconnected.  The Health Map describes a cascade of events, which eventually leads to the collapse of the production of ATP, the molecule of energy.  Level 4 has 3 sub-levels within it.

When reviewing complex nutritional/metabolic lab work with patients, I use the Health Map to explain whether a lab finding is a 1) primary cause, 2) how the body responds to primary causes, 3) mechanisms, and/or 4) metabolic chaos (disturbances of biochemistry).   With inflammation, the known cause of 80 chronic diseases, the Health Map shows how and where inflammation develops (and how re-connection to the Earth’s bio-electrical fields, dramatically helps to normalize level 2.  Level 2 has a dimension called “mind-body adaptation,” which is more complex than stress and inflammation.  The entire human organism may have to “re-group” after an “assault” by primary causes.  The adaptation is physical, mental, mind-body, and spiritual. The entire Health Map resides within its own field of consciousness. The individual is seen as one point of light in a vast inter-connected web of all life. As a physician I believe that the doctor-patient relationship is one of the most important ingredients in healing. It is the Context in which healing takes place.

A doctor needs to be able to zoom in and zoom out, using a mental “microscope” and “telescope.” With these two tools a doctor can see the totality, the big picture, and is able to zoom in, perhaps looking at the biochemistry and bio-electrical activity within a single cell…or within a small portion of one cell.  This healing process, using the Health Map as the intellectual foundation, helps the doctor/healer understand the healing process. As a psychiatrist, in general I am much less concerned with a diagnostic label (with the exception of extreme mental illness), such as BPD, ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc.  I want to know what caused an individual to develop symptoms.  The process is complex, but people receive diagnoses very quickly by doctors.

One thing I think I’m good at is understanding and treating extreme complexity, making sense out of a thousands bits of information, and seeing the whole, the totality.  The Health Map is very helpful in organizing complexity, and then making treatment recommendations that takes into account nearly every aspect of a person’s life. Before any “treatment” begins, patients feel a great sense of relief after hearing an explanation of their health challenge that makes sense, and takes into account large amounts of data.

Dr. David Gersten

Dr. David Gersten, MD

Dr. David Gersten is the creator of the Health Map, a cause-and-effect map, which explains the steps and mechanisms of chronic illness.  He is the author of: Are You Getting Enlightened Or Losing Your Mind? — A Psychiatrist’s Guide for Mastering Paranormal and Spiritual Experience (foreword by Dr. Larry Dossey), The POW Survival Guide, (dedicated to the Allied Troops of Operation Desert Storm), and Leo the Mystic Cat – True Stories of Love, Wisdom, and CatPower (Kindle ebook).

Dr. Gersten has published Atlantis, the Imagery Newsletter, is a Columnist on Alternative Medicine for The Life Connection Magazine (200+ articles). and the author of Alternative Health Care: Cost Effectiveness, prepared for and delivered to Hillary Rodham Clinton for the first White House meeting on Alternative Health Care.   He is a Mental Imagery Consultant on 18 books by Rodale Press/Prevention Magazine, including: Chief Advisor on Guided Imagery: “Choices in Natural Healing.” Radio talk show host for “The Open Mind,” which aired throughout 1997. He is also the author  of Hippocratic Oath for the Third Millennium, founder of and, and Coach/Trainer in the mental game of golf. His areas of special interest as a doctor include spirituality, nutrition, creativity, and mind-body techniques (mental fitness techniques).

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