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Congratulations to our Top Award Winner
Dr. Christiane Séguin – #1 Health Innovator of 2015


Watch Dr. Séguin’s award-winning presentation
on Vibrational Music and Sound Medicine

Here are the Finalists in our “Health Innovator” Speaker Competition:

Dr. Diane Blackburn
Dr. Anastasia Chopelas
Dr. Michael G. Christian
Shelley Evans
Brandy Gillmore
Dr. Maria Rosa Greco
Dr. David Kirkpatrick

Vienna LaFrenz
Dr. Michael B. Russo
Dr. John G Ryan
Dr. Christianne Seguin
Dr. Jean Seville Suffield
Dr. Mario Viscarra
Angelica Wagner

Thank you to all speaker competitors and everyone who voted for our Health Innovators!

Health Innovator

Earn the Honor of Speaking at the World Summit 2015

In Phase One of the competition, you will compete to become one of fourteen (14) Competitor Speakers* at the World Summit of Integrative Medicine 2015, sharing this forum with our world-renowned featured speakers, including:

Dr. Amit Goswami, Nassim Haramein, Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Yury Kronn, Dr. Patrick Porter, Caroline Myss, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Gregg Braden, and Rupert Sheldrake.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present your most creative innovations to a worldwide audience. The top fourteen (14) “Competitor Speakers” will be chosen by a popular vote, based on Facebook “Likes” by attendees, and the Quantum University advisory panel.

*To participate in Phase One and compete to become a Speaker at WSIM, a Bachelor Degree or Above is required. Please Read all Rules and Requirements.

Top Award Competition:

Win the Award for “Most Creative Innovation in Health Care of 2015”

Become a Faculty** Member at Quantum University

Produce an Online Course for Quantum University (Includes Trip to Hawaii to Produce the 4-Hour Course)

Become a Speaker at World Congress 2016 in Hawaii

In Phase Two, only the fourteen (14) “Competitor Speaker” finalists will be eligible to compete for the Top Award for the “Most Creative Innovation in Health Care of 2015.” These finalists will be judged by our keynote speakers and chosen by a popular vote of attendees and the Quantum University advisory panel.

**To win the top Award, become a Faculty Member and produce a course for Quantum University, a Doctorate or PhD Degree is required (or be on track to Graduate by 2016).

To Enter the “Health Innovator” Speaker Competition

“Most Innovative Idea in Health Care”

Phase One

  • Register as a Premium Attendee ($50)
  • Pay Competition Entry Fee of $100 (nonrefundable) (Bachelor Degree required)
  • Write Title, Bio, Excerpt and Description of Your Presentation
  • Create a 5-Minute Video Introduction to Your Presentation
  • Submit Topic Text, Artwork, and 5-Minute Video online on your Application Form
  • Promote your Page to Get Votes (Facebook Likes)
  • Earn the Honor of Being 1 of 14 Competitor Speakers at WSIM-2015

Phase Two:

  • Produce 1-hour Video Presentation for WSIM-2015
  • During Event, Promote Your Page to Get Votes (Facebook Likes)
  • Win the Top Award (PhD or Doctorate required)


  • Application Deadline: July 17th, 2015
  • Voting Deadline: August 31st
  • Phase One Winners Announced: September 1st
  • Production Deadline: 1-Hour Video must be submitted by September 18th
  • Live Broadcast: October 5th to 11th
  • Voting Deadline: October 15th
  • Top Award Announced: October 17th

Applications for “Health Innovator” Speaker Competition are now closed.

Rules and Requirements:

Competition Entry Fee: $100 – Application fee is nonrefundable. (Quantum University reserves the right to decline any application, at our discretion.)

Once you pay the Entry Fee, you can access the Speaker Competition Application Form from “My Account” page.

  • Competitors must Register for World Summit at the Premium Level
  • To enter Phase One, a Bachelor Degree or higher, from any institution, is required.
  • To win the top award and become a Faculty Member at Quantum University, a PhD or Doctorate degree, from any institution, is required.
  • Topic must relate to the Theme – “Most Innovative Idea in Health Care”
  • No Company Sponsorship or Product Promotion in Speaker Competition
  • “Generic” names of products and devices can be used in presentations
  • Competition is Open to the Public

If you are a company or have products for sale and your presentation is commercial in nature, please refer to our sponsorship opportunities.
Click Here to Request More Information.

The Content of your Topic will be evaluated by the Criteria below:

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Quality of Audio and Video (Including Titles and Powerpoint)
  • Research/Studies/Structure/References/Historical Information
  • Relationship to the Principles of Quantum Physics
  • Relationship to Theme of the Summit
  • Innovation, Creativity, and Originality

You must provide the following information in the Application Form to create your Competitor Page:

Name, your Topic (70 character limit), your Website URL, Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), Full Bio (200 word or 1500 character limit), Short Bio (20 word or 250 character limit), How is your Topic Innovative? (156 character limit), your Banner/Featured Image (1200 x 627 max), your Bio Image (high resolution head shot), Topic Description (400 word or 3000 character limit), and Link to your YouTube Video (5 minutes max). The 5-Minute Video must be on Youtube. The Application Form will only accept the link to your Youtube video. Here is a link to step-by-step instructions on how to upload a video to YouTube. www.wikihow.com/Upload-a-Video-to-YouTube The Competitor Page is where attendees can vote for you with Facebook Likes. Promote Yourself by sharing your page with friends to increase your chances of winning the competition.

Phase One Voting Ends: August 15th

Winners of Phase One to be Announced: August 29th

Winners of Phase One of the Speaker Competition must record and submit a 1-hour video presentation to enter Phase Two. If you need assistance in producing your video presentation, we offer: • Online Production via Skype – $2,500 Fee • Studio Production in Honolulu, Hawaii – $5,000 Fee You are welcome to produce and record your presentation by yourself at no cost. You will need to send us the original MP4 video file via Dropbox or similar service.

Production Deadline: 1-Hour Video must be submitted by September 18th

Online Broadcast Event: October 5th through 11th

Phase Two Voting Ends: October 15th

Share with your friends that you will be a speaker. Promote your presentation. During the Event: Chat with attendees live. Participate in Attendees Hangout. Comment on Social Media. Get attention for your video – anything that gains exposure for your entry increases the number of Likes and promotes your chances of winning the top prize.

“Health Innovator” Award Winner Announced: October 17th

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Health Innovator

Speaker Competition

1st Prize of the Speaker Competition includes the opportunity to:

Become a Faculty Member** at Quantum University.

Become a Speaker at World Congress 2016 in Hawaii

Produce an Online Course for Quantum University

(Includes Trip to Hawaii to Produce the 4-Hour Course)

**Faculty Member: Doctorate or PhD Degree is required (or be on track to Graduate by 2016).