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The Benefits of Polychromatic Light Therapy and the Dental Connection to Health

Light therapy is one of the oldest “medicines” on the planet, dating back to 3200 BC with the Egyptians using color therapy. More recently, it has over 4000 studies to its credit in the last 50 years, but is still relatively unknown. Its benefits are non-invasive, drug-free, do no harm and have been demonstrated to support the body in its daily trials to maintain itself on multiple levels. The primary mechanism of action is through light penetration, but more importantly, absorption by specific tissues of specific wavelengths (colors), which create a modulation to the function of the tissue. This process is a branch of chemistry known as photochemistry, or better known as photobiomodulation.

An increase in ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production via light activation in the mitochondria (cellular energy production) can be a direct result as well as Nitric Oxide production and release. This occurs in the hemoglobin, myoglobin and the inner lining of the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels known as endothelium. ATP production is essential for cells as it is the fuel of life. Cells produce their own as well as use it to run the cells metabolism. Nitric oxide is used in every system of the body and provides over 24 different benefits and numerous other cascade responses. It acts as a powerful vasodilator, promoter of angiogenesis (new blood vessel formation), and is even utilized by white blood cells to destroy pathogens including cancer cells. New studies are showing promise using light therapy in issues of the brain, including TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which previously went untreatable other than managing the symptoms with medication.

Light therapy may shine some new hope for these people in reducing their intensity of symptoms and restoration of cognitive function and memory. But to achieve optimal health one must understand the biggest culprit in taking it away from them; Dental Distress Syndrome. It directly activates the stress response in the physical body and sets it up for disaster by offsetting the nervous system homeostasis and imposes a host of compensation factors which become the building blocks upon which disease constructs. Using light therapy to target these areas to increase circulation we can address these complications which are affecting our posture and our life.

The In Light Wellness Systems are Class 2 medical devices registered with the FDA and cleared for increasing circulation and reducing pain.

Wes Burwell

Wesley Burwell, QBS, CLT, studied Electronics Technology and became a Technician at a college in Ontario, Canada. He began his studies in energy medicine 10 years ago and became a certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, accomplishing the groundwork for certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Kickboxing/Martial Arts Instructor, and Spiritual Healer Coach.

Wes approached energy medicine from the basis of electrical theory and physics and found that they are intricately involved on a cellular level. By utilizing various forms of energy, beneficial effects on the human energy system and the physical anatomy could be enacted allowing recovery from numerous imbalances.

Wes’ background in energy medicine includes: biofeedback, EAV (electroacupuncture), infrared therapies, ionic detoxification, homeopathy, nutrition, exercise programs, detoxification based on homotoxicology principles, Ayurveda, crystal therapy, Reiki, reflexology, intent/visualization methods, EFT techniques, Samadhi meditation, laser therapy/acupuncture. and LED light therapy.

Wes has toured extensively for the past seven years as an international speaker on light therapy utilization and principles. He has worked as technical support/director for four different companies and helped design and develop new and innovative light therapy products. Most recently, he contributed to the creation of the Parker University course on light therapy.

Wes still serves clients at Awakenings Wellness Center in Ontario, Canada.

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