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Mastering Quantum Kinesthetic Empath through AcuLomi Temple

AcuLomi Temple teaches specific steps to restore coherent signals to your Living Sacred Interface and DNA, advancing prolific Wellness and Creativity exponentially. AcuLomi Temple-Style.

You are invited to be educated in the quantum curriculum of the Higher Self. It’s beyond the five senses, yet enfolds them all and more.  It’s called Quantum Kinesthetic Empath, and it is available within the AcuLomi Temple curriculum.

It’s a skill – that can be learned – which allows you to perceive the communication between quantum energy “photons” and human knowledge to build a new bridge of awakened consciousness within you. Once established, this state can be accessed at any time. If you were to enroll in the University of your Higher Self…

What would you learn? Or better said, what would you “remember” that is already true about yourself and is available to access- on demand -within your consciousness? Gifts like: Intuitive Awareness. Quantum Thinking, Cosmic Understanding, Deep Compassion.  These are the foundation of the true mystic.

How do you go to school to become a mystic?  Traditionally, the path is to follow a guru and practice meditation, physical exercise and sacred rituals for years, even decades, and a small few of you would have flashes of enlightenment.

Who has the time for this commitment with a modern schedule of classes, work, and family?  Now with the expansion of consciousness available at this point in the evolution of the planet – you can connect your human mind to the universal mind and expand into this new awareness in a sustainable and constant state of perception.

Imagine what this would mean for your career and studies if every day there was a deep library of wisdom available to you from your higher self.

Imagine with every client, you experience a clear intuition about their situation and their soul lessons.

Imagine in your own life that could you experience a profound clarity about your life purposes and know the exact sequence of steps to lead you directly to your highest expression.

But how do you teach someone to have a healthy vivid connection to their higher self?

The answer to these questions are not found exclusively in prescriptions, treatments, and medical centers, however, within the AcuLomi Temple curriculum is just this answer. It is the Quantum Kinesthetic Empath course.

Once connected as a QKE, you are then empowered to access this wisdom “channel” at any time for educational, healing or personal endeavors.

Your sacred space is waiting for you.

Enter the Temple NOW

Shelley Evans, BHS

Transformation Artist Shelley Evans is your modern day Delphic Oracle serving the Emerging Consciousness of One. As a Quantum Kinesthetic Empath providing Holistic Counseling in the Wellness industry for well over 30 years, she now teaches others how to process photonic information empathically. This quantum-based approach could be THE Most innovative advancement for health care as it bifurcates through science and religion reuniting in Global Wellness.

Shelley’s compelling devotion has its provenance in discovering that fear and separation disappear when you open your heart to the Oneness that we are. Professional Consulting, Certifying, and Teaching have excavated over thirty years of insights and experience to culminate in her book, Delphic Oracle. What began in early childhood as a natural propensity to explore the bountiful Spirit world engaging our planet, has become the foundation for immeasurable joy in traversing beyond the realms of Astrotheology.

Although parables and analogies once served to stimulate the hearts and minds of those intrigued by this topic, biweekly webinars are now offered through AcuLomi Temple to catalyze the inner knowing we all hold. Live events and on-line support sustain a portal to the space in which your evolution will be enriched through the arcane Delphic Oracle. Self-Actualization is fully conscious Oneness.

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