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QOO VISION – Modulation of Time and Space in New Perception

QOO VISION is a gateway to improve and facilitate regulation of a person’s vision locally. It integrates body and mind nonlocally into coherent perception.

QOO VISION or Quantum Ophthalmic Optics is a ground-breaking process in vision and body integration that enables focus of the whole being. It is a comprehensive theoretical cum practical model for vision improvement in coherence with mind and body. Its basis is quantum holography. Its effects can be transformational in application. It allows people to discover purpose and apply it for conducive living both individually and in community. QOO VISION modulates time and space throughout consciousness.

“What is now possible in 2015 is to focus the whole person by activating, integrating, and motivating well-being or scalar consciousness through the visual system using quantum holographic processes. This Is the AIM Principle which has been incorporated into the development of a comprehensive quantum ophthalmic optics model of vision care”

“What is fascinating is that this methodology not only allows for the focusing of the eyes but by extension the focusing of the body and mind. It bases itself on the development of the Quanstruct, which is like a quantum holographic interface of locality and nonlocality. Essentially it is a quantum gate to consciousness”… The Quanstruct in its simplest form is a holo-plane or holographic plane of a photon and has an intrinsic nature to connect nonlocally the subtle anatomy of quantum consciousness.”

“Now here is the integrative simplicity. The lens allows light to enter the eye at a constant velocity. It is a focal gating mechanism. Prism, on the other hand, is a phase flow cum spatial modulator. It accelerates or decelerates light presentation and its repositioning in space on interaction with the body hologram.”

“The difference between velocity and acceleration is Δt, a change in time. This is a scalar entity or longitudinal wave expression where interaction takes place with consciousness.”

“A whole selection of body postures and movements or Holokinetic Potentiators have been formulated to guide a person to new levels of awareness with QOO intervention. This leads to new possibilities in vision and body well-being. If glasses are prescribed, consistently upon 6-month review there is improvement of vision with a corresponding decrease of prescription taking place.”

Dr. Michael G. Christian, BSc(Hons), BSc(Optom), IMD, PhD

Dr. Michael G Christian is an Integrative Optometrist PhD. He is the Pioneer and Inventor of Quantum Ophthalmic Optics or QOO VISION, a fully comprehensive quantum holographic focusing system which enables patients not only to see detail easily but also coherently within focused spatial context. He has developed an integrative model that allows complementarity between perceived body movement, thinking, and visual processing. Focus expresses itself in a true state of integrative unity. Using light as a holographic platform, he has been able to interface locality and nonlocality with ophthalmic lens and prism.

Dr. Christian’s work has been developed over two decades and has seen thousands of patients who for the most part have improved their vision and discovered new possibilities in health.  He is a recent graduate from IQUIM 2013, with a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Christian has been continuously refining QOO VISION to the point that is now ready to be taught with an inspirational practical simplicity that will be empowering to both patient and practitioner alike. He is presently CEO of Microprism Optics Pty Ltd, serving a national and international clientele in Vision Body Redirection. His practice is located in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia, a beautiful seaside town, one and a half hours away from Melbourne. He is married to Kim and has a 15 -year-old daughter, Amy.

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